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Go Take a Hike

Our Community Rec “Go Take A Hike”

Our community rec is made up of 6 towns. Each town has picked 3 hikes for you to do.

If you do 1 hike from each town you earn, our community “Go Take a Hike” Sticker.

If you do all 18 hikes you get put in a raffle to earn a prize.


1-You must take a picture with the date on it, at the top or somewhere representing each hike you do.

2-You must email all your pictures to

3-You must submit all picture by June 30th, 2021

Get out to enjoy the fresh air while getting exercise. Explore new areas and see new exciting places. Most important is have fun!

Happy Trails!

Our Community Recreation Group


Hikes & Towns # of Miles of Hike Rated as: Location    
"Go take a Hike"          
Moose Mnt loop 4.4 Moderate left on Newportsmounth Rd. turn left .6mi  
Province Mt 1.8 Moderate 500ft on Butler Field Road    
Tumbledown Dick Trail 1.9 Easy 5ft on Camp Road on Left    
Blue Job Mountain 1.1 or 3.3 Moderate 5.5 mi on Crown Point Road    
Pickering Ponds 1.7 Easy Pickering Pond Road    
Gonic Trails 1.4 or 4. Easy .7 mi on Rochester Neck Road on Right  
Pine Mountain, 1.9 Easy .2 mi on Avery Hill Road    
Knight’s Pond,  2.8   .3 mi on Knights Pond Road turn left.2 mi  
Mount Major 2.8 Moderate 4.1 miles on Mt Major Hwy    
New Durham          
Devils Den   3.7 Moderate just before 425 Merrymeeting Road  
Mount Molly 1.8 Moderate 5.2 mi off of Merrymeeting Road on left  
Birch Ridge Community Forest loop 2.6 Easy all the way to the end of the dirt road on birch Hill Road
Abenaki Tower 0.3 Easy NH-109    
Mount Shaw Trailhead 2.5   499 Mountail Road    
Sewall Woods Trail 3 Easy 600 ft on Clow Road    
Sentinel Mountain Trail 2 Moderate Bents Road 1.7 mi turn right for .5mi  
High Watch Trail 2.6 Moderate High Watch Road 1.3 mi turn right    
Green Mountain Climb 3.4 Moderate .5 mi on Libby Road    


Tuesday @ 1pm in the Community room behind the fire station.

Free program for adults. Small donation for light snacks and coffee being provided.

Pick up Basketball

Will be at the town fields on Tuesday night at 6:30 Starting May 4th. Anyone 16 and older can come to play.

Running Club

We meet every Wednesday night at 5:30 at the New Durham Town Hall. Just show up if you want to join us. We usually  run 2 to 4 miles.

Town wide yard sale

New Durham

Town-Wide Yard Sale

Saturday May 15th & Sunday 16, 2021

8am -2pm

Maps and Location will be available online & around town starting Monday May 10th

Residents can register online @

or by call 859-2091 ext9

Last day to Register is May 9th!

This event is hosted by New Durham Parks & Recreation.



Photo Gallery

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New Durham Parks & Recreation Department

The Parks & Recreation Department develops and manages a system of public recreation for all citizens of The Town of New Durham. Duties include managing and maintaining public facilities including the ballfields and town beach, organizing and supervising athletic programs and planning community activities. Additionally, Parks & Recreation works alongside other town departments, boards, organizations and individuals to provide community events and fundraising endeavors to support and improve the quality of life of New Durham residents. The Department strives to provide meaningful and impactful programming for participants young to senior, focusing on areas of local interest and need. 

Celeste Chasse

Celeste Chasse

Parks and Rec director

Phone: 603-859-2091