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Defense class

Wednesday May 3rd, From 6-7:30. @ community Room. Cost $15. Where you will be empowered to take control of your personal safety by learning practical skills to stay safe in today's world and learn more about your options.

Paint Night

Cost is &15. bring it to the paint night. Location is at Muddy Roads, 213 Middleton Road, New Durham. You can bring your own snacks or order a flat bread pizza. Starts at 6pm on Thursday May 4th. Limited spaces available.

Town wide yard sale 2023

Sign-up to be on the map for the town wide yard sale weekend. May 20th & 21st. 8am-2pm.

Granite state track & Field

You must be 8 years old to join track and field. To compete in races you need to be 9 by the end of the year.

Pre-k Tee Ball

Tee Ball will start at the end of April when the the fields are dry.

make cards for the veterans

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Thank you Alton legion post 72 for your donation

Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Saturday April 8th @ the Meetinghouse (Old Bay Road) Pancake Breakfast will be from 9-10am with the Easter bunny. The Egg Hunt will start at 10am. You must sign up to participate in the egg hunt.


Tuesday @ 12:30pm in the Community room behind the fire station.

Free program for adults. Small donation for light snacks and coffee being provided.

Running Group

We will be running from the Town Hall on Wednesday nights leaving at 5:15. Anyone can come join us.

Walking Group

Tuesday morning we have walking group at 9am. Meet at the town hall.

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Photo Gallery

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New Durham Parks & Recreation Department

The Parks & Recreation Department develops and manages a system of public recreation for all citizens of The Town of New Durham. Duties include managing and maintaining public facilities including the ballfields and town beach, organizing and supervising athletic programs and planning community activities. Additionally, Parks & Recreation works alongside other town departments, boards, organizations and individuals to provide community events and fundraising endeavors to support and improve the quality of life of New Durham residents. The Department strives to provide meaningful and impactful programming for participants young to senior, focusing on areas of local interest and need. 

Celeste Chasse

Celeste Chasse

Parks and Rec director

Phone: 603-859-2091