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Pre-k -K Tee Ball

Tee ball will start soon as the snow melts and will run until mid June.

Granite state track & Field

Track and field will start once the snow melts. We will practice weekly at the New Durham Fields and have a couple practice meets. We will be doing a lot of running. The state meet will be on June 15th.

Youth track & Field

For Turning 7 or 8 year old. If you are turning 9 by the end of the year you have to sign up for the Granite State Track & Field. You will be participation with the Granite State Track & Field practice but will not be able to run in state meet. Participants will get a team shirt. Will start when the snow melts.

Town wide yard sale

Sign up to be on a map. If you want to have a yard sale the weekend is May 18-19. This is free.

Maker space wind mill

On May 15th at the library. 3:30 to 5. We ask that kids are 8 and older. Kids will need help working on making this project. see picture below.

Trivia night

Has been postponed to Thursday April 11th 6-8pm

Boston Aquarium field trip

Field trip on Tuesday April 23. Leaving the New Durham School at 8am and returning at 4:30-5. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Cost for this field trip is $26. Please bring water, lunch and comfortable walking shoes.

Franklin Park Zoo Field Trip

Field trip on Tuesday June 25th.We will be leaving the school 8am AND returning 4:30-5pm. children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. cost is $21. per person. Please bring water, lunch and comfortable walking shoes.

Running Group

Wednesday at 5:30 meet at the Town Hall. We jog 2-4 miles. 


Tuesday @ 12:00pm in the Community room behind the fire station.

Free program for adults. Small donation for light snacks and coffee being provided.

Walking Group

Tuesday morning we have walking group at 8:45am. Meet at the town hall.

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation

Photo Gallery

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New Durham Parks & Recreation Department

The Parks & Recreation Department develops and manages a system of public recreation for all citizens of The Town of New Durham. Duties include managing and maintaining public facilities including the ballfields and town beach, organizing and supervising athletic programs and planning community activities. Additionally, Parks & Recreation works alongside other town departments, boards, organizations and individuals to provide community events and fundraising endeavors to support and improve the quality of life of New Durham residents. The Department strives to provide meaningful and impactful programming for participants young to senior, focusing on areas of local interest and need. 

Celeste Chasse

Celeste Chasse

Parks and Rec director

Phone: 603-859-2091